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공개·회원 9명

[S5E9] Survive

It was only by a stroke of luck that Nellie survived. Andrews and Salen get the lion's share of the blame for this almost tragedy, but they weren't the only ones who were in the wrong. Nellie insisted on this surgery. She felt that she couldn't go on without having her voice restored.

[S5E9] Survive

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We think that the legacy of episode 9 is mostly one of roles. For Jamie, he learned throughout this how much he wants to keep fighting. Meanwhile, Roger built a larger relationship with Jamie after helping to save him, Young Ian showcased more of his growth, and Brianna figured out more how her engineering skills could be of use. After all, it was her work that allowed Jamie to survive, as she used the snake that bit Jamie in order to create a makeshift syringe.

"The Hungry Earth" and "Cold Blood" made up the fourth production block of the series and were filmed in late October and November 2009 in the Upper Boat Studios and Llanwynno, Wales.[2] "Cold Blood" utilised many different locations and unusual sets to portray the Silurian city, as the production team did not want simply a "cave feel". They believed that the Silurians were also sophisticated and were able to use materials found underground, such as granite and marble. Many of the sets were given an orange glow from beneath to portray the "ambient glow" from the centre of the earth.[3] The jungle walkway leading to the Silurian city was filmed in the Plantasia botanical garden in Swansea on 13 November 2009.[5] The set gave a sense of things growing, as these were necessary for the Silurians to survive. Set designers were able to rearrange the plants, though they had to be careful not to show the window leading to the car park or other modern amenities. The hall where the Doctor is brought for execution was filmed at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff, and little dressing was done to the set.[3]

"It's still amazing to me that she didn't just kill herself, like the majority of the statistics of the women that this happened to," Wright said. "She's survived so far, but we really don't see that much. All we see is this glimpse, this little conversation. We really don't see that much of what her day-to-day reality is. We're just seeing how she's behaving in that moment with Gabriel walking through her door. She's a little bit on the defensive, but she has enough resolve to let him know how disgusted in him she is."

When Walker gains a lead about an old case he never solved in Utah (in which three million dollars went missing), he goes back to the mountains to investigate with Alex and two park rangers. When the rangers are shot by some gold diggers who followed them, Walker and Alex are stranded. After an encounter with a bear, things get even worse because Walker is injured. Lost in a large mountain chain, Walker and Alex must survive and find a way out while they are hunted by something else...

Echo, rightly, states that Octavia will never surrender and the best way to survive is to run while they have a chance. With Abby still trapped in the medical center, Kane is not going to leave Abby and Murphy also agrees to stay behind to help. 041b061a72

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