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Walker Season 3 - Episode 10

They're biding time until we get some conclusion on the Jess mystery, which we probably will not find out until the season finale. But it's sadly reached a point where one only cares for the sake of getting a conclusion, but the emotional weight and investment are long gone.

Walker Season 3 - Episode 10

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It was a perfectly contrived way to bring Joy back into the picture so she could go all Karen on her daughter after the two argued to death over how awful Murphy is to everyone, a point that they've hammered home like hell this season.

The episode picks up right where 3.07 left off, with Abeline collapsed on the ground. Cordell and August spot her first as they approach the main ranch house for a major apology from August. Cordell sends August to get his grandfather while he checks on his mother, who is unresponsive. Bonham rushes to her side when he sees her and begs her to open her eyes while Cordell sends August to get the truck to take her to the hospital.When they arrive, Cordell explains the situation to the doctor as Abby is carted away. Bonham stays by his wife's side for as long as he can but ultimately the doctor has to put him in the waiting room.Stella and Liam join the sad trio a few moments later, both worried about Abeline. Hugs are shared between family members- except August, who sits awkwardly to the side until Cordell invites him to the party.

I may have been a little overzealous in rating last week's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead. Even though it pulled in a ridiculous number of viewers, there were some clunky moments and some odd character behavior written into the episode, one which lacked the cohesiveness and punch necessary for a mid-season return. I'm happy to say it picked back up this week with great character building, two solid action sequences and even a surprise character death, but that wasn't the biggest surprise by a long shot!

Tonight's episode picks up where we left off with Rick continuing to lose his marbles. Pretty much everyone knows he's not stable now and Glenn is starting to assume more of a leadership role. He and Michonne are looking to team up and take out the Governor on their own, even if Hershel thinks this is a terrible idea. (At least someone is finally patching up the breach in the prison!) We get some closure on the tension between Glenn and Maggie but it's certainly not resolved just yet...there were more important matters to attend to.

This was a great episode for character building, which happen to be some of the strongest of the series. Rick continued his descent into madness (or "Crazy Town" as Glenn calls it), Glenn is beginning to assume a leadership position and Hershel continues his role as the new Dale/advisor. Andrea doesn't have too much to do in this episode, but it looks like she'll be heavily involved next week. Carol and Axel share a few nice moments, but like anything else on this show, they don't last long. Finally, it's revealed that the Dixons' father was an abusive sort, which firms up the bond between Daryl and Merle. Thank goodness, because those two certainly saved the day when the Governor decided to attack the prison!

How about that crazy action scene? I thought everything was going to be more or less wrapped up in this episode with a nice bit of character work but I was way wrong. In 55 minutes, there were 15 zombies killed, meaning over half of the show's undead death toll occurred in the last five minutes! That was a ballsy move on the Governor's part to retaliate so quickly and it seemed like he had his plan well in hand: well-orchestrated attacks from shooters at choke points, a truck driven through the apparently-not-so-sturdy prison gates to release a "Walker Bomb" onto the grounds and an escape route as a contingency plan. Surprisingly, the only one to bite the bullet in this ep was poor old Axel who was busy making moves on Carol. Everyone else managed to escape by the skin of their teeth, no one closer than Rick. Hopefully that snapped him out of his funk. Rick's eyes said it best at the end of the episode: it's on now!

The episode has some great moments. Everything surrounding Dorothy was great and it added some nice levity to the season, especially after the more personal and slower episode before it. Still, the whole set-up of who the true killer is does feel slightly too obvious in hindsight. It makes sense thematically and within the plot. There seems to be a lot of potential to explore this direction but I hope the season does not forget that Salinger is the main villain that was set-up. His introduction was quite late so it be sad if he would get completely side-lined once the season ends the Defenders era.

Starring Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù, alongside a renowned ensemble cast, Gangs of London Season 2 picks up one year after the violent reckonings of the first season, with the map and soul of London redrawn.

The last season of All American saw star wide receiver Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) facing a huge moral decision: turn his back on his success and return to his family or stay at the affluent Beverly Hills High School that can help further his football dream?

Attention! Please be aware that spoilers are not allowed on the wiki and a violation of this policy may result in a ban. Information (character deaths/fates, screenshots, etc.) from episodes released early on AMC+ may not be added to the wiki until the episode officially airs at 9pm EST on the Sunday it is scheduled for. Thank you.

"Home" is the tenth episode of the third season of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is the twenty-ninth episode of the series overall. It premiered on February 17, 2013. It was written by Nichole Beattie and directed by Seith Mann.

Back at the Prison, Glenn and Carl inform the group that the boiler room is overrun with walkers again. Hershel again advises a retreat, but Glenn ignores him and says he and Maggie will go to the far side of the Prison to look for the breach.

Meanwhile, Merle and Daryl encounter a Mexican family of survivors under attack by walkers. Daryl immediately goes to their rescue, killing walkers with his crossbow and knife. Merle stands by and watches.

When all the walkers are dead, Merle aims his gun at the father and begins rooting through their car, where the mother and a baby are both bawling from a close encounter with a walker. Daryl points his crossbow at Merle and instructs the family to drive away, then stalks off, leaving Merle alone.

Gunfire ceases and silence drops when suddenly a bread truck comes crashing through the Prison's gate and stops in the yard. The Governor smiles as a ramp drops down and the back door opens, allowing a mass of walkers to stream out of the truck, with the fully-armored driver fleeing the prison's yard. The Governor drives off as the survivors struggle with the dead. On the way out, the Governor's car passes Glenn's as he returns to the prison.

Outside of the fence, Rick is struggling for his life as he's surrounded by walkers, one of which is about to bite him. Suddenly, a crossbow bolt pierces its forehead, signifying Merle and Daryl's arrival. Together, they kill the remaining walkers outside the fence.

Cordell is tipped off that Grey Flag may still have him as their prime target. Meanwhile, Captain James has discovered that Cordell and Cassie weren't truthful about some top-secret information and Trey's involvement in the prior week's case lands him in hot water. Abeline and Bonham disagree on how ready Cordell is to handle his responsibilities, while Liam continues to pursue his new business venture, despite his dad's displeasure over his son's new partner. Russell Friend wrote the episode. Guest Stars: Anna Enger Ritch, Jake Abel, Will Koberg, Demetrious Murray, Previous EpisodeNext Episode

The season ends with the ceremony where Irving is formally appointed chief of police, with Walker pinning the stars on his collar. Irving looks up and is startled to see Harry Bosch in the audience, staring intently.

  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: Irving getting the stars pinned on his collar as he's officially made chief of police. The moment is undercut when Irving looks up and sees Harry Bosch lurking in the audience.

  • Briefcase Full of Money: Bosch opens up one Pelican case full of cash on Dobbs' boat, at the same time that Dobbs is opening up a Pelican case full of cash on the island.

  • The Bus Came Back: Eleanor Wish makes her first appearance since Season 2. She's back in LA to stay and her marriage to Reggie is in trouble.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: Bradley Walker pops up occasionally in Season 3 in a seemingly unimportant role as the head of the police commission. He's revealed in this episode to be the murderer of Marjorie Lowe as well as the man behind Caffrey's murder.

  • Dramatic Gun Cock: Dobbs quietly but dramatically cocking his weapon as he heads towards Bosch's decoy.

  • Face Framed in Shadow: The last shot of the season is a dramatic shot of Harry's face in the shadows, as he glares from the audience at Bradley Walker pinning the stars on Irving.

  • I Did What I Had to Do: Harry says "We do what we have to do" when justifying his failure to come to Edward Gunn's aid.

  • I Never Said It Was Poison: Bosch's comment about the Tafero brothers driving up in a Cadillac causes Edgar to realize that Harry was there and watched it happen.

  • Murder by Inaction: More or less what Harry did when he let the Tafero brothers attack Edward Gunn, the man that Bosch couldn't bring to justice by legal means.

  • Rewind, Replay, Repeat: Edgar does this with the Tafero interview and the security footage, as he realizes the implications of Bosch's comment about the Cadillac.

  • Sequel Hook: Two plot threads are left dangling. The Koreatown Killer remains un-caught; in one of the last scenes he bicycles right past an idly smoking Harry Bosch. And the Marjorie Lowe murder is set up as a big arc for Season 4, as Harry realizes that he got the case all wrong and Bradley Walker is the killer.

  • Shout-Out: Pretty much the only thing that poor unfortunate Sharkey owned was a paperback copy of Dune.

  • What the Hell, Hero?: Half a season ago, Edgar was on the receiving end of one from Harry when Harry thought Edgar was investigating him as a suspect. Now Edgar gets to be the one delivering it as he realizes Harry witnessed the murder of Edward Gunn and didn't say a word. Edgar: Don't you see we can't be like them?


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