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Countryball: World War - A Historical Strategy Game with Realistic Battles and Diplomacy

What is a countryballs game?

A countryballs game is a video game that features countryballs as the main characters. Countryballs are anthropomorphic balls that represent different countries, regions, or organizations. They are usually drawn with simple shapes, colors, and symbols, and they often speak in broken English or other languages.

The origin and popularity of countryballs

Countryballs originated from an internet meme that started in 2009 on the German imageboard The meme was inspired by Polandball, a comic series that mocked Poland and its relations with other countries. Soon, other users began to create comics with different countryballs, using them to make jokes about politics, history, culture, and stereotypes.

countryballs game

The meme spread to other websites and platforms, such as Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, DeviantArt, and Steam. It also spawned various spin-offs and subgenres, such as Reichtangle, Kebab Remover, Anschluss, and Nordic Cross. Today, countryballs are one of the most popular and recognizable internet memes, with millions of fans and creators around the world.

How countryballs are used to create humor and satire

Countryballs are used to create humor and satire by exaggerating and mocking the traits and behaviors of different countries. For example, Polandball is often depicted as a naive and unlucky ball that cannot into space, Germanyball is a strict and efficient ball that likes to anschluss other balls, USAball is a fat and loud ball that loves freedom and burgers, Russiaball is a strong and drunk ball that likes to play with nukes, Chinaball is a cheap and sneaky ball that copies everything, etc.

Countryballs also make fun of historical events, current affairs, international relations, stereotypes, clichés, and cultural differences. They use various forms of humor, such as irony, sarcasm, parody, puns, wordplay, slapstick, black comedy, absurdity, etc. They often break the fourth wall and interact with the audience or the author.

The main characteristics and stereotypes of countryballs

Countryballs have some common characteristics and rules that define their appearance and personality. For example:

  • They are drawn with simple circles or ovals, without any shading or perspective.

  • They have eyes but no mouths or other facial features.

  • They are colored according to their flags or coats of arms.

  • They may have accessories or props that represent their culture or identity.

  • They speak in broken English or other languages, using phonetic spelling or grammatical errors.

  • They refer to themselves in the third person or by their names.

  • They have specific catchphrases or expressions that reflect their character.

Countryballs also have stereotypes that are based on their history, geography, culture, politics, economy, religion, etc. For example:

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  • Polandball cannot into space because it failed to launch a satellite in 1974.

  • Germanyball likes to anschluss (annex) other balls because of its history of expansionism.

  • USAball loves freedom and democracy because of its ideology and foreign policy.

  • Russiaball likes to play with nukes because of its nuclear arsenal and power.

  • Chinaball copies everything because of its manufacturing industry and piracy.

The types and genres of countryballs games

Countryballs games are video games that feature countryballs as the main characters or elements. They can belong to different genres and categories, such as strategy, simulation, adventure, platformer, puzzle, trivia, etc. Some of the most popular and notable countryballs games are:

Strategy and simulation games

Strategy and simulation games are games that involve planning, managing, and controlling resources, units, or scenarios. They often have a historical, political, or military theme. Some examples of countryballs strategy and simulation games are:

CountryBalls Heroes

CountryBalls Heroes is a turn-based strategy game that combines elements of role-playing and fantasy. The game allows the player to create and customize their own countryball hero, and lead a team of other countryballs in various quests and battles. The game features a rich and humorous story, colorful graphics, and diverse gameplay mechanics.

Country Balls: World War

Country Balls: World War is a real-time strategy game that simulates the events of World War I and World War II. The game lets the player choose from over 50 countries and factions, and command their armies, navies, and air forces in different scenarios and maps. The game also has a sandbox mode, where the player can create their own scenarios and wars.

Adventure and platformer games

Adventure and platformer games are games that involve exploring, collecting, jumping, and solving puzzles. They often have a fun and casual theme. Some examples of countryballs adventure and platformer games are:

Countryballs: Over The World

Countryballs: Over The World is an adventure game that follows the journey of Polandball as he travels around the world. The game has over 100 levels, each with different challenges, enemies, and secrets. The game also has a level editor, where the player can create their own levels and share them with other players.

Other games and fan-made projects

Other games and fan-made projects are games that do not fit into any specific genre or category. They may have unique or experimental features, or they may be inspired by other popular games or media. Some examples of countryballs other games and fan-made projects are:

  • Countryballs: The Animated Series - A fan-made animated series that features countryballs in various funny and absurd situations.

  • Countryballs: The Game - A fan-made game that is based on the popular mobile game Flappy Bird. The game has the player control a flying countryball and avoid obstacles.

  • Countryballs: The Card Game - A fan-made card game that is based on the popular card game UNO. The game has the player use cards with different countryballs and effects to win the game.

The benefits and challenges of playing countryballs games

Playing countryballs games can have various benefits and challenges for the players. Some of them are:

Learning about history, geography, and culture

Playing countryballs games can help the players learn about history, geography, and culture in an entertaining and interactive way. For example, playing Country Balls: World War can teach the players about the causes, events, and outcomes of the world wars. Playing Countryballs: Over The World can teach the players about the landmarks, customs, and cuisines of different countries.

Developing critical thinking and creativity skills

Playing countryballs games can also help the players develop critical thinking and creativity skills. For example, playing CountryBalls Heroes can challenge the players to plan their strategies, manage their resources, and use their abilities effectively. Playing Countryballs: The Game can challenge the players to create their own levels and scenarios.

Dealing with sensitive and controversial topics

Playing countryballs games can also pose some challenges for the players when dealing with sensitive and controversial topics. For example, some countryballs games may contain jokes or references that are offensive or inappropriate for some audien

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